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Advertising your business on Cyprus Tripadvisor is highly cost-effective. You pay per click and that click leads to your own website where the customer can find more information about your company and make a booking or send an enquiry.

The Cyprus Tripadvisor website is specifically targeting tourists who want to come to Cyprus and the search facility enables the visitor to find exactly what he or she is interested in. Every business or organisation gets an introduction page on this website with a link to their own website. This will drive only visitors who are seriously interested in your services to your website.

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Cost effective advertising

In a nutshell: € 0,25* per High Potential Customer.

If you run a business that is relevant for tourism in Cyprus, you can start advertising on Cyprus tripadvisor tomorrow.

* Commercial business are charged:
  - € 25 set up fee
  - € 0,25 per click on the link to your website paid in advance in a bundle of minimum 100 at € 25

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